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Flying Sobie's Menu
Our deep-fried Cornish hens are served by the half.  The chef can prepare each hen in one of 7 delicious and house-made flavors.  We also serve SMOKED Cornish hens. (Sundays at Ghost River/Thursdays at Court Square)

For more information, please call 901-626-5907 or contact us:


Hen Platters
Hen and Fries 10
Hen and Waffles 10
Hen, Beans, Slaw 10

Hen Flavors
Memphis Gold
Spicy Memphis Gold
Real Lemon Pepper
Hawaiian Teriyaki
Sweet Caribbean Jerk

House-Made Ranch $1

Original Deep Fried Hen
​You can't go wrong with this dry, smoky, seasoned blend.
Flavor-Smacked Fries
Hand-Cut Potatoes drizzled in your choice of sauce
Hawaiian Teriyaki Hen
This sweet and savory, house-made sauce is drizzled on top of our deep-fried hen and served with our baked beans and jalapeno slaw.
Vegetarian Platter
Hand-Cut Fries, served with our baked vegetarian beans and jalapeno cole slaw.