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Flying Sobie's
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Flying Sobie's Menu
Our deep-fried Cornish hens are served by the half.  The chef can prepare each hen in one of 7 delicious and house-made flavors.  We also serve SMOKED Cornish hens. (Sundays at Ghost River/Thursdays at Court Square)

For more information, please call 901-626-5907 or contact us:


Hen Platters
Hen and Fries 12
Hen and Waffles 12
Hen, Beans, Slaw 12

Hen Flavors
Memphis Gold
Spicy Memphis Gold
Real Lemon Pepper
Hawaiian Teriyaki
Sweet Caribbean Jerk
Mango Habanero

House-Made Ranch $1
Potato Salad $2
**Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwich  $9

Original Deep Fried Hen
​You can't go wrong with this dry, smoky, seasoned blend.
Flavor-Smacked Fries
Hand-Cut Potatoes drizzled in your choice of sauce
Hawaiian Teriyaki Smoked Hen
This sweet and savory, house-made sauce is drizzled on top of our Cornish hen and served with our made-from-scratch Belgium Waffles.
Vegetarian Platter
Hand-Cut Fries, served with your choice of our baked vegetarian beans, 'Best Potato Salad in the City,"  or jalapeno cole slaw.
Chicken Salad Croissant 
Pulled and chopped hen mixed with our jalapeno slaw mix. Served on a soft, sweet croissant with lettuce and tomato and Memphis Gold Sauce.
**Available as a specialty menu item
Spicy Memphis Gold Hen and Fries
Deep-Fried, juicy Cornish hen drizzled with Spicy Memphis Gold Sauce.  Served with crispy, hand-cut fries.